Wooshh Sound Soother - 8 High Quality Soothing Sounds

  • Sleep soother with 8 high quality sounds and 4 volume levels.
  • 1-hour mode or 10-hour all-night mode
  • USB rechargeable with long battery life.
  • Versatile: Stand, clip or strap it (out of reach of your baby).
  • Portable design: So small, it fits in any bag or even your pocket


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Wooshh Sound Soother

Wooshh Sound Soother, by the makers of the famous Rockit rocker. Wooshh is a Small, but Mighty Sound Soother. Do you ever make shushing sounds to help your baby drop off? Then, once they’re asleep, do you creep around the house afraid to wake them? Wooshh can help, by surrounding your baby with soothing sounds.

The comforting sounds will encourage them to drift off and help mask disruptive noises. This will allow your little one to snooze soundly… anywhere. The advanced music mastering techniques used produce high quality sounds, and all from such a small speaker. The 8 soothing sounds were all recorded and mixed to achieve the perfect soothing qualities.

Wooshh has two types of shushing noises, so you can pick the most effective version for your baby. It has two calming water sounds, a stream or heavy rain. The womb noises are used to recreate the soothing environment your baby experiences during pregnancy. The ambient music is perfect to use as a sleep cue too. Pop it on whilst you get your little one ready for bed,  use it as part of oyur every day routine. Plus there’s a truly relaxing purring cat sound. And last but not least, it has a genuine outer space noise that will lull your baby to sleep.

We’re confident that, with such a wide variety of noises to choose from and 4 volume levels, you’ll be able to create the perfect sleep-inducing environment for your baby, and maybe even yourself!

Wooshh Sound Soother Features;

  • Sleep soother: 8 high quality sounds with 4 volume levels.
  • Calming sounds: 1-hour mode or 10-hour all-night mode – for those extra tricky nights.
  • USB rechargeable with long battery life.
  • Versatile: Stand, clip or strap it (out of reach of your baby).
  • Portable design: So small, it fits in any bag or even your pocket – take it everywhere you go.



What age is Wooshh Suitable For?

Wooshh is suitable from birth upwards but should always be positioned well out of reach of the baby / child.

It is great for children and adults too. We deliberately designed the range of sounds to include those that were also pleasant to adults – the purring cat, ambient music, water and rain sounds in particular. There’s nothing worse than hearing the same badly looped nursery rhyme all night!

We also invested extra to improve the sound chip to near CD quality, so that there were no harsh digital distortions in the sounds which are so common in cheaper sound machines.


How do I select 1 of the 8 sounds?

Short presses of the button allow you to scroll through the sounds until you find the one you want.


How do I change the Volume Level?

Wooshh has 4 volume levels and you can scroll through them by holding the button down (long press).

Release the button when you are on the desired volume level. It can be best to use a constant sound like the rain sound for setting the volume, so you hear each change most clearly.

Once set the volume level will be remembered until you next re-charge the device.

After charging it will be set to the lowest level.

Whenever possible we recommend using the lowest volume setting to increase battery life.


How do I turn Wooshh off?

A quick double-press will turn Wooshh off.

A single press when on the final sound (ambient music) will also turn it off.

It will automatically turn off after one hour (normal mode) or 10 hours (all night mode).


Can I set Wooshh to stay on all Night?

Yes, you certainly can! If you use a double press to turn on Wooshh it will remain on for 10 hours. A beep sound indicates that all-night mode is selected. We recommend using the lowest volume setting on all-night mode to reduce noise exposure and increase battery life.


You can learn more about the makers of Rockit in their blog