SnuzPod 3 Mattress Protector

A must have accessory to protect your SnuzPod 3 bedside crib mattress and prolong its life.

Measures 44 x 80cm.

Not suitable for use with the SnuzPod 2 or earlier SnuzPod models.


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SnuzPod 3 Mattress Protector

SnuzPod 3 Mattress Protector  – an innovative luxury cotton mattress protector.  Offering your baby both comfort and protection.  A waterproof layer is sandwiched between 100% cotton, for a super soft and absorbent surface that is 100% waterproof.

Soft & Comfy

  • 100% brushed cotton either side of a waterproof layer

Extra Absorbent

  • Cotton absorbs any accidents, keeping your baby clean and dry
  • Unlike other protectors where liquid remains on the surface
  • Helps for a better nights sleep

100% Waterproof Protection

  • Luxury cotton sandwiches a layer of safe food grade polyurethane
  • Lies flat over the top of your mattress, allowing air to circulate from the sides and underneath
  • Helps keep your mattress clean and dry for longer


  • 100% cotton (no pesticides)
  • Food safe grade polyurethane
  • Fits SnüzPod 3 mattress
  • Size: 44x80cm

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About the new SnuzPod 3

Sleep safely, feed easily and be even closer with the all new SnüzPod3 bedside crib from Snüz, winner of the prestigious Queen’s Award for innovation. SnüzPod3 boasts a stunning new look and brand new features, including a reflux incline, a wider and lighter lift-off bassinet and dual-view breathable mesh sides, making it the perfect sleep solution from newborn to 6 months.

The SnüzPod 3 bedside crib has been cleverly designed to always be by your side, with a unique lift-off bassinet that’s lightweight and comfortable for use around the home and when visiting friends and family. By your side Sitting next to your bed, SnüzPod 3 has 9 height settings (up to 63cm) to match to the height of your bed and comes with adjustable straps for both framed and divan beds. The dual-view breathable mesh sides promote airflow, whilst the unique front zip-down wall makes feeding and comforting your baby easy and convenient, with no need to leave your bed. Reflux Incline

The SnüzPod 3 includes a reflux incline feature, helping to soothe and reduce reflux symptoms, providing that extra bit of comfort. From bedroom to nursery When it’s time to make the transition from bedroom to nursery, SnüzPod3 can be easily detached from your bed and used as a stand-alone crib with a rockable stand that helps soothe baby to sleep.