Outlook Single Shade a Babe Black


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Outlook Single Pushchair Universal Sun Shade

Outlook Shade a Babe –  original high protection universal sun cover created to shield delicate eyes and skin from bright light and UV. Lets air in and lets your child see out. Simply fasten to your stroller and enjoy the great outdoors!
Approved by the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia, shade-a-babe’s unique design focuses the highest level of sun protection where it is needed most, yet still allows good airflow and vision.
UV levels are highest when the sun is at its peak. The UPF50+ sun visor blocks 99% of the most intense overhead UV rays.
As the angle of the sun decreases the intensity of UV rays also decreases. The soft, breathable solar-screen™ mesh blocks 73-93%* of UVA and UVB rays ensuring effective all-round UV and eye protection whenever you are out and about.

The universal size, fits any single 3 or 4 wheel buggy.

All round protection from sun, glare, insects and wind, with an easy access zip panel and a shaded sleep environment.