Nibbling Rattle Teething Ring Stellar Grey

All Nibbling teethers are made with food grade silicone (non-toxic, BPA free) and untreated natural wood. Eco-friendly and baby safe, perfect for even the smallest hands.


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Nibbling Rattle Teething Ring Stellar Grey

The Nibbling Rattle Teething Ring Stellar Grey is designed in Great Britain and made with food grade silicone (non-toxic and BPA free) and untreated natural wood. Eco-friendly and baby safe, it is perfect for the smallest hands to hold and especially nice and safe to chew on thanks to the texture and quality of its materials. Moreover, the delicate sound from the rattle provides a much needed distraction, particularly appreciated by mum and dad (they can even wear it on their wrists)! A very special gift for a newborn or for Christmas that will transform the delicate period of teething into a playful and colourful moment for your baby!


Nibbling Rattle Teether Features

  • Nibbling is the¬†number one brand in the UK¬†for the production of teething necklaces, teething accessories and lovely baby shower gifts. Featuring an¬†innovative, versatile and colourful design, all products are¬†not only fashionable but also safe to wear around children.
  • Nibbling products are made with¬†100% food-grade silicone, which is safe and soft enough to chew, but also free from: BPA, phthalates and heavy metals (such as lead and arsenic) and¬†100% natural untreated maple hardwood.
  • Nibbling jewels are¬†approved by paediatricians, and¬†loved by moms and babies thanks to their dual function.
  • Nibbling products are¬†tested at independent labs in USA and EU¬†and meet or¬†exceed product safety standards.
  • Stellar Rattle Teething Rings 2-in-1 by Nibbling¬†are a¬†safe, eco-friendly and secure accessory¬†that will¬†stimulate and help teach babies many new skills.
  • Stellar Natural Wood Rattle Ring
  • Design:¬†11 medical grade silicone beads + 2 untreated natural wood rattle rings + 1 wood maple hexagon bead
  • Nibbling exclusive star bead
  • Material:¬†100% food grade silicone¬†(free from BPA, phthalates and heavy metals such as lead and arsenic) and¬†100% hand polished maple wood¬†(from Germany)
  • Suitable for use from birth
  • Dimensions:¬†L 8cm x H 6 cm
  • Coordinate eye movement (tracking)
  • Learn fine motor skills and grasp reflex
  • Odourless and tasteless
  • Safe and soft to chew on¬†(untreated wood and medical-grade silicone prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria)
  • Care: easily clean with warm cloth¬†and¬†dry between uses – do not leave submerged in water
  • Tested at independent labs in US and EU¬†exceeding product safety standards.
  • Perfect packaging for gift boxes

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