Mixie Baby Bottle - Pack of 2 x 4oz Bottle with Teats

Mixie the only 2-in-1 baby bottle ready to go morning, noon or night.


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Mixie 2 in 1 Baby Feeding Bottle


Mixie Baby Bottles allow you to prepare your baby’s bottle in keeping your formula powder separate in the airtight compartment ready for you to mix on the go. When baby is hungry, simply press the button on the bottom of the bottle and shake, while the agitator does the mixing for you.

Perfect for use anytime and anywhere. A simple and convenient way to make up your baby’s bottles safely in advance.  Tried and tested by babies worldwide, the Mixie 2-in-1 Formula Bottle is YOUR bottle-feeding solution.

Use your Mixie bottle with the recommended Mixie teats, or if you’d prefer Mixie  bottles are also compatible for use with teats from leading brands include Nuk, Dr Browns, Born Free and Mam.

Available as a 4oz or 8oz bottle. Each bottle is supplied with a single stage 2 Mixie silicone teat.


  • 100% BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free
  • Compatible with teats from other leading brands
  • Supplied with vented silicone teats to minimise colic
  • Travel friendly
  • Microwave and Diswasher safe
  • Easy to clean
  • No mess, no waste