Micador Junior Twistaz Jumbo Crayons - Box of 12

  • Pack of 12 Triangle Shaped Jumbo pencils ideal for 2-4 year olds.
  • Jumbo size makes the pencils easy to hold in little hands.
  • High quality pigments and smooth binders for colour lay down.


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Micador Junior Twistaz Jumbo Crayons

The Micador Junior Twistaz Jumbo Crayons have a strong twist mechanism that allows the crayon to extend and retract with ease. 10cm of jumbo crayon fun in each barrel.


Micador Twistaz Jumbo Crayon Features

  • Colour fun Jumbo Wax Crayons have a strong twist mechanism that allows crayons to be wound all the way out and still retract with ease.
  • Bright colour selection and range suitable for all types of art projects!
  • Crayons are packaged in a sturdy, re-usable, phthalates-free case that is 100% recyclable.
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic and safe for all users.
  • Awesome jumbo size means that you get more out of each crayon.
  • 10cm of Jumbo Crayon in each barrel


About Micador

Established in 1952 and still family owned today, Micador is a team of innovative and passionate people. United in their quest to design amazing products for doing what kids love. Micador creates kid-friendly art supplies featuring special design details tailr made for young creators.

Early atART is specifically designed for the under 4 crowd. The earlier children can start playing with and experiencing art, the better. Eary stART products have two key features in common; they’re safe for one to four years olds, and easy to use. This means their shape, size, and texture have all been designed with little hands in mind. Early stART products let little artists grow and develop as they play. Whilst giving parents the confidence that they are using appropriate and safe products.


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