Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Animal Print

  • Easy swaddling for better newborn sleeping.
  • Cosy but roomy so that baby can bend and flex arms, legs and hips.
  • Suitable from birth: 2.2 – 11kg (5 – 24lbs)
  • 1.0 tog, suitable for use all year round



Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Animal Print

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Animal Print is a brilliantly simple swaddling blanket. ¬†A baby swaddle that allows your little one to sleep in a natural hands up position. this can help your baby sleep better, for longer, safely. Inspired by traditional swaddling, the Love to Dream range starts with an all-in-one sleep suit that keeps newborns snug and secure without restricting movement or making them too warm. ¬†A Certified Hip-healthy design, allows for the freedom of movement for baby’s hips and legs.

The unique “wing” design helps babies to sleep in a natural ‘arms up’ position, prevents scratching and calms the startle reflex.
It’s incredibly easy to use – just zip baby in and you’re done. All suits have a two-way zip, which makes on-the-move nappy changes easy, and a vent at the back, which means that a sleeping baby can be moved from a cot and strapped in to a pushchair, without waking.

Combining the benefits of traditional swaddles and the ease and safety of a sleepsuit, the Love To Dream Swaddle UPTM Designer is the perfect tool to reduce sleepless nights. Featuring an fun and stylish animal print design that is sure to be loved by both you and your baby.

The soft, clingy fabric wraps around baby to replicate the feeling of being in the womb, whilst the ARMS UPTM hip-healthy design aids their natural sleeping position.


Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Animal Print Highlights

  • Easy to use; legs in, arms in and zip up,¬†with the¬†two-way¬†zip allowing you change your baby’s nappy without disrupting their sleep.
  • Innovative design¬†based on research into infant sleep and development in the womb,¬†with¬†the ARMS UPTM position allowing babies to soothe themselves by touching their face and sucking on their hands.
  • The hip-healthy design is safe for new-borns hip development and is¬†recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • Uses a single layer¬†of snug¬†1.0 TOG¬†breathable cotton to reduce the risk of overheating¬†or suffocation, whilst calming the startle reflex.


Size and Temperature Guide

All ages, weights & heights are approximate. For best fit please select size according to weight.

  • Newborn:¬†2.2-3.8kg, 0-1 months, 60cm
  • Small: 3.4-6kg, 1-3 month, 62cm
  • Medium:¬†6-8.5kg, 3-6 month, 68cm
  • Large:¬†11-14kg, 9-12 month, 91cm

You must stop using Stage 1 Swaddle UPTM swaddles when your baby shows signs of trying to roll and start transitioning to Stage 2 Transition Bags or Suits.

The 1.0 TOG¬†material is designed¬†for use all year round, perfect for moderate¬†inside¬†temperatures¬†of¬†20-24¬įC.


Look after me

  • Wash before¬†first use and then immediately after every use.
  • Machine wash on warm and gentle cycle.
  • When washing, close the zipper¬†and place in a¬†wash bag with similar colours.
  • Before drying the swaddle, please ensure that you¬†pull the swaddle back into shape.
  • If you wish, tumble dry on low and warm iron if necessary.

Safer Sleeping

Sleeping baby on their back is best in the natural hands up position. The natural arms up position is thanks to the patented wing tip.  This naturally inhibits baby from easily rolling over.  This baby swaddle replaces the need for traditional wraps and blankets which loosen during sleep time.

Time Saving

Swaddle your baby in 13 seconds – absolutely no learning curve for new parents. The genius 2 way zip also allows for easy nappy changes with minimal disruption.

How Many Should I Buy?

When buying a swaddle we recommend you purchase one to wear and one to wash, that way you’ll always have a spare to hand in case of any unforeseen accidents.