Korbell Plus Nappy Disposal Triple Refill Pack (26 litre)


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Korbell Disposal System nappy bin liners in a triple refill pack, simply select the liners you require depending on the type of bin you have. Please ensure you check the size of your bin and order the correct refill liner packs.
Refills are not interchangeable between any of the nappy bins

Plus Bin Refill (26 Litre)
– provides enough liner for up to 335 nappies and therefore should last 6-7 weeks.

Standard Bin (15 Litre) – holds up to 20 nappies, for use at home.  Assuming a baby’s nappy is changed 7 times a day, the Standard size liner can be used for up to 240 nappies and therefore should last 4-5 weeks.

Plus Bin (26litre)
– hold up to 30 nappies, great for use by child-minders or households with more than one child in nappies. The Plus size liner can be used for up to 335 nappies and will last 6-7 weeks.

Bin Liners
– All Korbell Bins come with one free liner reel included in the box so that it is ready to use.