Fred Safety Double Door Block - White or Grey

Each pack contains 1 x Double Door Lock.  Available in Dark Grey or White.



Fred Safety Double Door Block

The Fred safety Double Door Block makes securing cupboards with double doors easy. Cupboard doors come in a whole range of thicknesses, so our kit has everything you need to baby proof any doors 6-21mm thick.

Safety just got smarter

  • One hand Squeeze-n-lift™ release and the cupboard is quickly opened by adults, yet this dual action is not possible for younger children.
  • EZ-Dock™ for the Block so you’ll always know where to find it when not in use.
  • Pinch-free design. The Block is designed to hold the doors completely closed, eliminating finger-traps caused by partial opening.
  • Intuitive – when you can see the red-alert tab, the cupboard isn’t secure!
  • Uses Fred SecureHold™ and ExtremeHold™ adhesives to create a powerful and durable bond that attaches to most surfaces in your home, and won’t come away with a tug.
  • Bite and choke safe. All children chew on things, so these are made from non toxic, food-grade material just in case.
  • Damage free removal. By following the instructions, you’ll leave no sticky residue and be able to remove without damage to most surfaces.

When and where to use

Use the Double Door Block when your baby starts to move, usually 6 months of age upwards.
The Door Block includes everything you need to fit to standard cabinets, whether or not there is an overhanging worktop or a central post behind the doors. The only thing the Double Door Block won’t fit is cupboards with overlapping doors – for these try our adhesive Magnetic Locks or Top Drawer Catches.
Please note that the adhesive is very powerful, so if attaching to laminated surfaces, be sure that the laminate is in good condition and firmly adhered to the underlying woodwork.