Fred Safety Corner Cushions 8 Pack - White or Grey

Pack of 8 corner cushions perfect for protecting against bumps on any sharp corners.  Available in White or Grey.



Fred Safety Corner Cushions

The Fred Safety Corner Cushions are a revolutionary design that works. A superior corner protector to keep little ones safely shielded from sharp corners around the home.  Each corner cushion is thin enough to apply to the top and bottom of each corner. This provides the maximum protection against falls and bumps.

Fred corner guards are made using a securehold adhesive. This creates a powerful and durable bond that you can attach to most surfaces in your home. Preventing them from being knocked or tugged off by children.  The rigid inner shell is designed to work with the adhesive and keep the corner cushions firmly in place. As the softer shock-absorbing outer layer ensures excellent impact protection.

Made from a non-toxic food grade material.  With a size, shape and rigidity to ensure the corner cushions do not constitute a choking hazard in the event that your little one should ever get hold of one.

Once corner cushions are no longer required around your home. Follow the simple instructions to remove them without damaging your furniture or leaving sticky residue behind.

The Fred Corner Cushions form part of a larger collection of superior home safety products.  A core range of essential items recommended to safely baby proof your home. We recommend you begin to baby proof your home when your baby starts to move, normally around 6 months of age.


  • Choke & swallow proof.
  • Each Pack contains 8 corner protectors
  • Easy to attach and remove after use without damage to furniture
  • Available in White or Grey