Fertile Mind Belly Belt Maternity Extender Belt

Prolong the use of your Pre Maternity wardrobe – Belly Belt


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Fertile Mind Belly Belt


The Fertile Mind Belly Belt is a simple solution to extending the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes, maintaining your style without the need for a whole new wardrobe, a really great accessory to turn your existing button and slide fastening clothes in to maternity wear.

The Belly Belt comes complete with 3 panels in black, white and denim to coordinate with your existing wardrobe and contains a variety of extension bands for button and slide fastening clothes.

Discreet and easily adjusted to accommodate your growing tummy makes maintaining your fashionable stylish self throughout pregnancy far more cost effective.

The Belly Belt Kit contains:

  • 2 button up Belly Belts with adjustments for 3 different sizes
  • 2 slide fastening Belly Belts with adjustment for 2 different sizes
  • 3 shaped polyester / cotton panels to ensure minimal bunch and provide a smooth figure