Ergobaby Stellar Baby Swaddle

  • Safe Sleeping Position
  • Escape-Proof Arm Pockets
  • Healthy Hip Position
  • Removable Leg Pouch for Easy Nappy Changes
  • From Birth to Approx. 3months


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Ergobaby Stellar Baby Swaddle

With the Ergobaby Stellar Baby Swaddle you can ensure that your will baby fall asleep more calmly and comfortably, therefore baby sleeps longer and more peacefully, meaning you’ll be able to sleep easier too.

The Ergobaby Stellar Baby Swaddle Benefits:

  • comfortable and safe for baby, with escape proof arm pockets and a healthy hip position.
  • Ergonomic – baby’s hips and legs can move freely and naturally when being swaddled
  • Better sleep – your baby will not wake up with jerky movements
  • Convenient – Easy nappy change with removable leg pouch
  • Up to about 3 months or until your baby learns to roll over (3.2 – 6.4 kg)


Benefits of Swaddling:

Helps Babies Stay in a Safe Sleeping Position

Sleeping your baby on their back is considered to be the safest position.

The good news is that babies laying on their backs and swaddled are often the happiest ones! When in a sleep swaddle, babies recall the familiar feeling of life in the womb, and the calming reflex turns on. Swaddling often helps your baby to sleep better and for longer. With less periods of broken sleep.

Some babies may resist swaddling to begin with, but once you rock and shush them a little they calm and the wrapping keeps them peaceful and settled for longer.

Be Sure to Swaddle Safely.

Swaddling and installing your infant’s car seat have an important thing in common: It’s important to do it correctly to keep your baby safe. Many mums and dads find that perfecting the proper swaddle form can be quite a challenge. Swaddles should be secure, but should not be too tight or loose, and have the right amount of insulation without being too heavy. Freedom of movement in your baby’s hips and legs is also important with using a swaddle and also a baby sleeping bag too.

We recommend swaddling your baby for all naps and night sleep until they begin to show signs of turning over on their own (usually around 4 months) at this stage its important to transition away from swaddling. The stage after swaddling is often to use a baby sleeping bag. We have a great range of sleeping bags from some well known brands which can be viewed on our website here.

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