egg2 Newborn Accessory Bundle


  • Pack of 2 egg Fitted Sheets
  • egg deluxe blanket, choose from cream or grey



egg2 Newborn Accessory Bundle

The egg2 Newborn Accessory Bundle includes our recommended essentials for every new baby.  The Newborn accessory bundle includes a pack of 2 fitted sheets and a deluxe blanket. The pack of fitted sheets contains 1 x grey and 1 x ivory sheet. The egg luxury reversible blanket is available in a choice of Cream or Grey.


The pack of 2 fitted sheets are a must have item.  The fitted sheets are made from 100% jersey cotton, this ensures they are super soft against your newborn baby’s delicate skin.  They are also super easy to machine wash, and tumble dry ready for your next adventure.

The egg 2 Fitted sheets are designed to fit snugly and easily around your carry cot mattress, made to be the perfect shape. We highly recommend the use of a fitted sheet when laying your baby in the carry cot.  This will not only make it easy to keep your egg2 carry cot mattress looking like new, saving it from any sicky dribbles or other unexpected accidents!


The deluxe super soft blanket is a beautiful new addition to the egg accessory range.  Made from a super soft fabric, and available in a choice of cream or grey.  Perfectly sized to use in your carry cot, but also ideal in a crib or moses basket too.


The egg2 Newborn Accessory Bundle includes;

  • A pack of 2, 100% jersey cotton fitted carry cot sheets
  • 1 x egg deluxe pram blanket, in cream or grey

You can purchase a pack of fitted sheets separately or even an extra fitted sheet in Grey or Ivory just as a one off. We think you can never have too many sheets!


Perhaps you know someone that has purchased an egg2 pushchair bundle for their new baby and you’re wondering what you can buy as a gift. The egg2 Newborn Accessory Bundle is ideal, and a gift that I am sure will be truly appreciated.  The carry cot essentials such as the pack of 2 fitted sheets and a blanket are often overlooked by parents to be.  In the excitement of purchasing their new baby’s pram sometimes the all important smaller items are missed. Buying the own brand accessories also means you’ll guarantee the perfect fit too.


Our range of egg2 bundles are the perfect add on to any egg stroller.  The egg2 bundles are mostly compatible with the original egg strollers too. We recommend you do check the compatibility of all accessories named in the bundle before making a purchase if this is for the original egg stroller.  If you’re not sure please get in touch and we can confirm the compatibility of each accessory for you.


Please take a look at our other exclusive egg2 accessory bundles.  The bundles are all perfect as gifts or to be purchased by parents to be as an add on to your existing stroller order.  Other bundles are listed and linked below;


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 Egg2 Carry Cot FAQ’s

How long will I use the egg2 carry cot for?
The egg2 carry cot is designed to use from birth up to 6 months.  A carry cot is an important part of any travel system.  A carry cot ensures your baby is kept lying on their back, in a flat position.  The lay flat position is most beneficial for ensuring your baby’s airways are kept open and is also the preferred sleeping position.

Using your egg 2 carry cot also means you can simply lay your baby in the bassinet when you are out and about.  There is no need to harness your baby in whilst they are tiny and unable to sit by themselves.  Once your baby can sit unaided and is capable of pulling themselves up then it is time to transition in to your egg2 stroller seat unit.

What’s included with my egg2 carry cot?
The egg2 carry cot comes complete with a lining and a foam mattress.  The lining can be removed for easy cleaning, simply unzip this.  The mattress is manufactured to British safety standards and provides a firm and supportive surfac for your baby to lay on

Do I need anything for my egg2 carry cot?
The egg2 carry cot includes a liner and a mattress.  We highly recommend you protect your mattress with a fitted sheet whilst your baby is laying in the carry cot.  The egg2 fitted sheets are shaped and sized to fit perfectly.  The fitted sheets are available in a pack of 2. Depending on the time of year that you have your baby you may also wish to add a knitted blanket to keep your baby warm.  Alternatively the Purflo cosy wraps are also ideal for use in a carry cot, they also fit car seats and stroller seats too.

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