Dumforter Zsa Zsa Zebra - 3 in 1 Soother, Teether, Comforter

A 3-in-1 fully characterised Soother, Teether, Comforter.


Giving your Baby and Toddler all the comfort and snuggles they need in their early years.


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Dumforter Zsa Zsa Zebra

The Dumforter Zsa Zsa Zebra a 3-in-1 fully characterised Soother, Teether, Comforter. Giving your Baby and Toddler all the comfort and snuggles they need in their early years.


Zsa Zsa Zebra, is from the original ‘in the wild’ collection. Lovingly designed and approved by the amazing Dumforter family of Mums and Dads.


Dumforter is a luxurious Comforter and Dummy that is soothing both emotionally and physically for each child that uses them. The complete range of super-comforting products is designed to look like adorable animals that children will love. Whilst also providing an all-in-one experience of a Teether, Comforter and Dummy.


Dumforter is an easy, all-in-one solution for Parents and Baby. No more dropping the dummy. No more hunting for the dummy in the dark, no more trying to juggle multiple blankets, dummies and teething rings when out and about. Just one 3-in-1 simple and fun solution.

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Dumforter Zsa Zsa Zebra FAQ’s

What exactly is Dumforter?

It’s a 3-in-1 Dummy, Teether and Comforter combination, with personality and character. Helping babies to identify different animals, encouraging them to self-soothe and comfort, and helps them through the pain and discomfort of teething. What’s truly unique, every Dumforter comes with its very own attachable / detachable comforter, making nap and bedtime so much easier for baby and you


How will a Dumforter help my teething baby?

It’s a simple concept, but one our parents are finding so effective. The dummy is surrounded by a beautiful soft silicon that has been purposely created for baby to chomp and chew on. It’s characterisation provides tiny little raised areas on the outer side of the ‘face’ that enables your baby to comfortably place it on his / her gums to help ease the pain of teething. TOP TIP… pop the dummy, the characters face, in the fridge or freezer for a short amount of time, and then give it to baby, the chilled silicon will be gorgeous for their sore little gums


These are more expensive than a regular dummy, can you help me understand why?

Apart from it being 3 things wrapped up in one, a Soother, Teether and Comforter, your baby’s comfort has been in mind in the design every step of the way, using quality, super-comforting materials, which is what our mums are telling us is our ‘secret’ ingredient. The babies are genuinely loving us


What age is the dummy suitable from?

Dumforter has been designed to be suitable from birth, we want to be part of this precious journey with you as long as possible

A greater selection of FAQ’s can also be found on the Dumforter website


The Dumforter is made from:

Dummy / Soother and Teat – Silicone

Comforter – Front Panel 100% Polyester, Back Panel 100% Cotton

Product is 100% BPA free