Baby Weaning Machine – You Need This…

Baby Weaning Machine – You Need This…

The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker. This is THE baby weaning machine – trust me when I say ‘you NEED this machine’.  The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker is the easier way to prepare your babies food without relying on store bought baby meals. This machine steams and blends foods to your preference. Voila, your baby always has their own personalised weaning food.

Baby Weaning Machine

Not only does this gadget look good, its super easy to use too.  And lets be honest thats exactly what we need… Simply place food in the compartment, set your desired times for blending and steaming, press the button and voila! Dinner is served.

So this super Baby Weaning Machine – what’s in the box

  • x 1 Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe
  • x 3 Reusable food pouches
  • x 3 Food pouch filling funnels

The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe

And the highlights…

Easy to use with a one step process. A baby weaning machine that simultaneously steams and blends food within the same compartment. This means that unlike other machines, there is no opportunity to make a mess when transferring the food from steam to blend modes.

3 settings: Choose from Steam Only, Blend Only or Steam and Blend. Which you can select on the LCD control panel. This allows you to create the perfect consistency no matter if your making food for your baby or using it to make dinner for yourself.

Personalised settings let YOU decide how to cook the food. Perfect for weaning babies. Giving you the ability to transition your little one easily from purées to more textured foods.

An 800g max capacity allows for multiple servings. This is ideal if you’re preparing meals in advance, or have multiple hungry mouths to feed.

The Baby Brezza Food Maker includes 3 x reusable food pouches. These are perfect both for feeding and for storing your prepared food. They are suitable for freezing, and also dishwasher safe. Making it even easier for you move on to the next batch.

Easy to clean with the steam tank and water tank both being fully accessible, and the bowl and viper blade being dishwasher safe, to save you time and keep your child safe from bacteria.

The Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker Deluxe


Handy Tips to take the best care of your Baby Weaning Machine

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the One Step Food Maker Deluxe, the food pouches and the filling funnels after every use.
  • Ensure the lid is properly fitted before using the food maker.
  • Keep the food maker out of the reach of children, this is not a toy and can be harmful if misused.


From the 1st to the 31st May 2022 you can save a total of £42 on the Baby Brezza Deluxe Food Maker. With a £29 discount already applied this fantastic Baby Weaning Machine is £130.  Enter the code ‘WEANING’ when you check out and we’ll give you an extra 10% OFF bringing this fantastic Baby Weaning Machine down to just £117 with FREE delivery too.

Some of the most FAQ’s

Is the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker dishwasher safe?

The bowl and blade are top rack dishwasher safe, as well as the included food pouches and filling funnels. The drive shaft should always be removed before washing.

All other parts are hand washable. We recommend further cleaning for the steam tank to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits. Please refer to the user manual or get in touch if you are unsure of any of our recommendations.

Do I need to peel fruits and vegetables before using in the Baby Brezza One Step Food Maker?

We recommend peeling fruits and vegetables for young babies. We also recommend checking with your paediatrician before offering any new foods, including fruit and vegetable peels and skins, to your child.

For more FAQ’s visit the Baby Brezza website.




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