Brand New Cozee Crib XL

New Cozee Crib XL

Introducing the brand new Cozee Crib XL. Taking the original Tutti Bambini Cozee Crib to the next level, the Cozee Crib XL is designed to last. Taking your baby from birth, through toddler years and beyond thanks to the 5 different modes. Coming soon to Baby Lurve and available to PRE ORDER NOW – Just Click Here

Cozee Crib XL

Brand New Cozee Crib XL

Starting life as the beloved Bedside Crib, which allows your baby to sleep in their own separate bed right at your side so you can develop that special, physical bond early on in childhood. The Bedside Crib can be used for co-sleeping or as a stand-alone crib, thanks to a hinge mechanism that unlocks one side of your baby’s bed to position it next to yours for sound sleeping and ’round-the-clock monitoring. Once your baby outgrows the size of their crib, CoZee expands into a Cot. The Cot is specifically designed for babies and toddlers from 6 months to two years of age. Thanks to the Bedside Crib’s frame’s hinge features, the Cot also allows for easy access and reasonable supervision throughout the night.

Then, two years will go by before you know it and your youngster will feel ready for their first “big bed,” so CoZee XL’s Cot transforms into their Junior Bed. The Junior Bed is a simple bed frame with a cushioned headboard and base, perfect for a toddler between the ages of two and four. Finally, this toddler-style transformer assumes its final shape as a sofa, which makes for an exciting, first interior addition to your child’s bedroom and social space for friends during playdates. In addition to the multi-faceted, impressive changeability of CoZee XL, it is completely foldable and portable, coming with a traveling case, so you’ll never have to worry about sleeping arrangements for your baby, no matter the age or space available.

Purchasing reliable furniture for your children is preferable over cheaper options, but it can get expensive quickly. That’s what’s so exciting about CoZee XL – this single piece of furniture is long-lasting and provides a sense of familiarity for youngsters so that the growing pains that typically accompany adjustment periods regarding discomfort over new furniture can be diminished, but you and your child’s comfort will never be compromised. **

Available to purchase in 2 colours on our website – Oak and Charcoal or Liquorice . This item is now on Pre Order with delivery available from November 2021

**Text used from the wonderful Product Design Awards EU page, where you can find many other fantastic design awards and product information.

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