Potty Training

Potty training is one of those parenting and childhood milestones that’s unavoidable. It’s an inevitable part of your little one growing up but the difficulty and outcome of this stage is entirely up to you and there is something to be said for preparedness. If you’re embarking on the potty training journey, we’ve got some great tips and products that should help you and your little one.

When to start Potty Training

It is common for parents to start thinking about the process when their little one is  2-3 years. This isn’t to say it’ll be the right time for every child-some may be earlier, some may be later.

Spring/ Summer can be a perfect time to start potty training as there is fewer layers of clothing to take off which means less washing but quicker drying time, should accidents occur.

Remember that potty training doesn’t just have to happen at home. If you do go out remember to take the potty with you and encourage your child to use it. The My Carry Potty is the perfect travel potty. The potty is also fitted with an ingenious rubber seal and clip-shut lid that provides a completely leak and odour-proof container…So wherever your little one is caught short, you can be in complete control.

10950Carry Potty FoxKeep the potty in the bathroom or in the toilet. This will get your toddler used to the idea of this being part of everyday life.

After meal times can be a prime time for using the potty. This is a great time for your toddler to use the potty. Giving a book or toy can help them to sit on there for a little longer too.

Remember to preserver. They won’t grasp it overnight but they will soon figure it out. It’s a huge step for any toddler and so it’s important to not make a fuss when accidents happen…we don’t want it to lead them to holding it all in! When they do succeed, give lots of praise and make potty training into a positive step for them.

The Potette Plus Travel Potty

As well as the ‘My Carry Potty’ we have The Potette Plus Folding Travel Potty available. This can be used as a folding potty with disposable liners and also as a trainer seat for the adult toilet.

A toddler can start with the Potette Plus gaining confidence during their potty training period and continue to use the same familiar potty seat as they progress onto the adult toilet.

A truly two in one product to provide longer use within the family, and suitable for use by two children of different ages within one family.We have got some more great products in store so please do call in or visit our website.  We are more than happy to help you and any questions or concerns that you may have. Hopefully see you soon!

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