Springing Forward- the Spring Clock Change

Zazu Sam Sleep Trainer Clock Grey

The clock change is upon us and this means Summer is on it’s way (we’re hoping for warm summer days)! The days are due to get longer and for parents this can cause concerns as to how to deal with the change in terms of your child’s routine and bedtime. We’ve got the number one product that you’ll need for the 31st March in helping your little one settle. We have also listed a few top tips for you to follow in the lead up to the clock change.

The Zazu Sam Sleep Trainer Clock

The Zazu Sam Sleep Trainer Clock is the perfect way to help explain to your little one the idea of time. As a parent we are sure you will be very happy to see your little ones staying in bed that little bit longer! The clock works by using a traffic light system to represent sleep and awake time for children. The screen will glow red 30 minutes before awake time to show your child that they are to stay in bed. It will grown amber to show that it is almost time. At a set awake time, the clock will then turn green to let your child know they can get out of bed.

Sam’s eyes will also open and close at set times to signify when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to wake up – easy to understand for children who are too young to tell the time.

Eyes open & close. Sam’s eyes close at bedtime and open in the morning when it is ok to get up. Set at a specific time or by length of nap.

Colour changing display. The LCD screen changes colour to denote morning or night.

Analogue and digital time. Easy for children to learn and understand.

Alarm clock. For older children, choose from 3 sounds with adjustable volume.

Adjustable brightness & auto shut-off. Dimmable nightlight can stay lit continuously or switch off after 5, 15 or 30 minutes.

1. Time to sleep- When it is time to sleep SAM closes his eyes. Clock display changes to red.

2. Just a little longer-30 minutes before wake-up time the display turns orange. 12 stars count down.

3. OK to get up-SAM’s eyes open and the display turns green – it’s OK to get up now! zazu_sam_red_product zazu_sam_orange Zazu Sam Sleep Trainer Clock Grey

Tips on how to let your little one keep a smooth bedtime routine with the clock change

  • About a week before the clock change start moving your child’s bedtime earlier by about 10/15 minutes each day.
  • Change nap times too as well as meal times, not just bedtime.
  • A black out blind will help with the early morning sunlight waking your child up.
  • Make sure you stick to you usual bedtime routine such as dinner, play, bath and then a story and bed. Don’t be tempted to take your little one downstairs after a bath as this may stimulate them and make them more awake.
  • Try to enjoy the nicer weather and get out in the fresh air even if it’s just for 30 minutes everyday. Exercise has known benefits in aiding sleep.

We hope these tips help and if you would like to find out more about our sleep aids in store and online, please do give us a visit.

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