So you’ve chosen the nice shiny new pram for your little one but have you considered the car seat yet? This can often be the confusing part for mums and dads as a whole array of new terminology comes into play. One term you may or may not have come across is i-size. To help make it a little easier for you this little guide explains the key facts about i-size car seats and the UK regulations on car seats for children from birth upwards.[

The legal stuff

The law states that a child must be at least 135cm tall (150cm in Ireland) or 12 years of age before they can legally be allowed to stop using a child restraint. After that a seat belt is sufficient. The latest regulation, introduced in 2013, is called R129 and i-size is a key part of this. This regulation aims to bring the safety performance of car seats to a new level, and has a focus on the height of a child rather than the age and/or weight when considering car seat suitability.

What is i-size and why i-size?

– Improved protection of head and neck for side and front impacts

– Mandatory rearward-facing travel up to 15 months old

– The use of Isofix avoids incorrect installation

– Can fit most cars with Isofix

– Height classification to make it easier to choose a car seat.Under the older regulations, you could switch your child into a forward-facing car seat from 9 months (or 9kgs), the new regulation however insists that a child is kept rearward facing for a minimum of 15 months, or ideally as long as possible thereafter.

All car seats undergo a thorough safety test, but i-size tests are a little bit stricter, with an added side impact test. They are currently only available with Isofix installation which is both sturdier than using a seatbelt and easier to fit, to help ensure that the car seat is installed correctly and safely.

Our i-size products

We have a wide range of i-size baby car seats already in store, not all of which are featured in this i-size Car Seat Guide, plus we have some new additions due in shortly. Our experienced team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have when deciding on which car seat is best for your little one. Once you’ve made your purchase we can also fit it for you and offer aftercare advice too.

These include the following:

– Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus, Rock and 2Way Pearl

– BeSafe izi Go Modular, iZi Modular and iZi Flex Fix

– Cybex Cloud Z and Sirona Z

– Joie i-spin (coming soon)

BeSafe iZi Go Modular and iZi Modular Base

Modular Go Premium Car Interior Black

Cybex Cloud Z and Z-Fix Base


BeSafe iZi Flex Fix

518002_BeSafe_iZi-Flex-FIX-i-Size_Metallic-Mélange_Left]If you have any questions regarding the range of i-Size car seats we have to offer or would like to know more about a specific seat, please visit us in-store or call us on 01858 433775 and a member of our team will happily help you with all you baby travelling needs.