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Miracle Blanket Baby Swaddling Blanket Natural

Manufacturer: Miracle Blanket
An easy way to swaddle your baby for peace of mind and comfort as swaddling helps to ease the transition form womb to world
Price: £14.95

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Miracle Baby Swaddling Blanket

The unique Miracle Swaddling Blanket is probably the best-selling Swaddling Blanket in America, recommended by medical professionals throughout the world.

Most new parents are taught in hospital how to swaddle a baby and advised of the benefits of swaddling, but quickly give it up due to its complex nature. The Miracle Blanket has been designed to make swaddling easy and has so many benefits that are recognised by parents and midwives alike there's no reason why you shouldn't give it a go.

The Miracle Blanket helps ease the transition for baby from womb to world by recreating the sensations babies feel in the womb. This provides comfort and therefore helps baby and parents enjoy a more restful night's sleep.
Unlike some swaddling blankets, it has no press studs or Velcro that could potentially come loose and scratch baby's delicate skin during the night. Research also shows that the Miracle Blanket helps to relieve colic by providing a gentle even pressure around the abdomen.

Swaddling makes breast-feeding so much easier by keeping baby's arms and legs secured and comfy. They are easier to position and it calms fractious babies.

The Moro Reflex is the tendency of infants to "jump" or startle themselves awake for no apparent reason. Most babies do this to some extent; by swaddling, this reflex can be virtually eliminated.  Infants also have a natural instinct when born to try to find a nipple, this is called "the rooting response" .  If bedding touches their faces during the night they awaken and become frustrated when they cannot find the potential food source. Swaddling your baby correctly greatly reduces the rooting response.
Suitable from birth up to 4 months and available in natural unbleached cotton, white, pink and blue